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Welcome to My Psychological & Emotional Trauma Journey

Hello, Voyagers & Trauma Warriors!!!


I'm glad you've made the decision of attending this journey with me. It is quite all right if you are feeling lost, afraid, confused or just simply need a sense of direction to the safe place you've been longing for. If you too have lost your internal compass (as I have before), I can certainly empathize with you at this moment in a strange place.


Allow me to introduce myself...


My name is Candace. I'm currently a Bachelor of Arts  Applied Psychology student looking to eventually serve the field of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, which is evidence-based psychotherapy or counseling that aims at addressing the needs of children and adults with post-traumatic stress disorders and other difficulties related to traumatic life events (Wikipedia)...,with that being said, I am only here with you as a means of support and by no means of me being a licensed mental health practitioner. Also, as I do love children, I am unfortunately incapable of offering support to anyone under 18 years of age.


Drifting along...


I created this blog to share with others my personal discovery of identifying what trauma abuse and experiences are; me losing my own compass; and my journey of finding it back through recovery. Of course, I did not reach these discoveries all by myself. In fact, I had the wonderful experience of navigating my own journey with a licensed clinical therapist who walked me to my initial pathways to healing. We did this together through the method of psychotherapy. Let me tell you, I was terrified when I realized the place in which I was at, it was such an unfamiliar place. Luckily enough I found my therapist in the midst of my nowhere!!! Because of this experience, I am now on the road to recovery and I have picked up the passion of wanting to navigate others to their pathways of healing through informative resources and helpful links that hopefully you too can eventually get back on your decern path.


One day, I plan to be as heroic as my therapist was! 



Keep Calm Poster

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